We are Landor (UK) Ltd, the home of sustainable materials and solutions.

First of all: Phototex is a unique self adhesive fabric that will not cause any surface damge any time and every time you remove, reposition or re-use it. Its stable woven fabric can provide outstanding printed graphics then closely followed with a removable adhesive that never changes. No more edge curl, weakened adhesive, peeling or falling off the wall or surface. When removed it all comes off in one piece. No specialised installers needed unless you want to, and a favourite for all levels of installers.

Landor Liquid Lamination provides that additional layer of protection, durability and liqht fastness you might need for your prints to last longer or endure more harsher environments.

Whether you are using pigmented fine art printer, Latex, UV or eco solvent printer your artworks, promotions, retail displays, photography, wallpapers, signage and branding, – all of them can be printed with Phototex and protected if you want added sustainability and longevity for your prints, or re-use them indoors or outdoors.